Inside The Presidential Suite:

Distribution [Physical, Digital, Mobile]
Physical Sales / Marketing
Digital Sales / Marketing
Mobile Sales / Marketing
Negotiation and Execution of a Coop Advertising Plan
Social Network Marketing and Maintenance
Online Marketing and Publicity
Graphic Design Consulting
Transparent Statements and Accounting
Manufacturing Solutions
Access to Soundscan, Mediabase, BDS, etc.
Negotiating and Securing Distribution Deals
Access to RBC’s Favorable Advertising Rates
Creation and Execution of Advertising Campaigns (Online, Television, Print, Social, Outdoor, etc.)
Access to Our Approved Vendors

Sales & Distribution

World class distribution to all major physical, digital, and mobile retailers including Best Buy/Anderson, Trans World, Target, Hastings, Fred Meyer, Amazon, AEC, Super Discount, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Google Play, emusic, Spotify, Rdio, VEVO, Verizon, Virgin, Cricket, T-Mobile, Cingular, just to name a few.

Product Management

RBC works closely with each artist to identify the marketing and sales goals of the release. We will negotiate a coop advertising plan with each retailer to ensure the most cost effective rollout of product. Inventory management plays an integral roll in the financial success of any release and will be properly monitored.

DSP Marketing

  • Leveraging Relationships with DSP’s to Secure Placements, Editorial Features, Reviews and Other Opportunities
  • Leveraging Media Assets and Advertising for Features and Promotions
  • Sales and Promotions to Maintain Visibility on Digital Storefronts

Online Publicity

Our RBC online publicity team develops strategic press campaigns that target top-tier portals and social networking sites as well as genre-specific national and local sites/blogs. RBC specializes in pitching, coordinating, and facilitating featured, placement of promotional assets, editorial reviews, interview opportunities, contests, etc. on profile sites.

  • Blog Outreach
  • Servicing Press Releases and News to Targeted Outlets
  • Coordinating Editorial Features, Reviews, Interviews and Other Opportunities
  • Leveraging Media Assets for Features and Promotions
  • Contests, Giveaways and Reward Based Promotions

Social Media

  • Creating/Maintaining Artist Sites and Social Network Pages
  • Tracking and Analysis of Activity and Growth on Social Networks
  • Strategic Promotions to Encourage Social Network Growth and Social Influence Marketing
  • Leveraging Social Networks to Generate Additional Revenue

Music Licensing

  • Sync Licensing Opportunities in major TV, Film, Video Game Outlets

Brand Marketing

  • Partnered Promotions with Online/Physical/Mobile Music Retailers
  • Brand Sponsorship Solicitation

Advertising Planning

Based on our experience and research, RBC creates custom advertising campaigns depending on the project and goals that include Display Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, In-game Advertising, Video In-stream Advertising, and Social Network Advertising. Each campaign is designed to maximize the effectiveness of every ad and reports are provided throughout the campaign that include proof of performance affidavits and key metrics on placement, banner impressions, click-thru rates, etc.

  • Online, Television, Print, Outdoor, etc.
  • Social Network Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization

Creative Design Consultation

  • Online/Print/Outdoor/Television Advertising Assets
  • Graphic Design


  • Transparent Statements and Accounting
  • Soundscan, Mediabase, BDS, Audience Analytics