Mibbs has arrived. As the original, founding member of the hip hop trio, Pac Div, Mibbs is branching out – new venture, new energy and new sound. Building off the initial success with his group (including two LPs, and countless tours/concerts with Snoop Dogg, N.E.R.D, Kid Cudi, Q-Tip, Nas, and more), Mibbs is finally grabbing the mic on his own. In an ever-changing industry, plagued by a formulaic approach, Mibbs is looking the other way and breaking fresh ground. With so much more to offer than just one “style”, Mibbs plays with varied musical influences and genres, pushing his audible vision past the current constraints in hip hop.

Following the wildly successful release of his debut solo EP, FREEBASS (produced by Grammy nominee, Scoop Deville. Mibbs’ OverEverything Records has partnered with RBC Records to release FREEBASSkg (the extended, deluxe version of FREEBASS) and his new EP, The Program/The Program Deluxe (produced by WoodysProduce), featuring Bad Lucc, Deniro Farrar and newcomer, Kentucky native, Polo Donatello. Both available at various digital retailers, including iTunes and Amazon.