Born April 27th, 1990 Bingx grew up in Seattle, WA, and currently resides in CA. He is a father to a 2 year old son. Bingx is energy incarnate. Between his singing and rapping, he reaches a demographic untapped by most of his peers. Lightning fast lyricism accompanied by melodic wordplay with a dash of grunge inspired vocals put Bingx in a whole new category, he would say ” I’m not a rapper. I’m not a singer. I’m a musician. We are who we choose to be, and my vision of myself is always adapting. Growth is a necessity. ” Bingx attended, Bothell High School in 06, Chelan High in 07 but dropped out in his junior year. Bingx explains, “I couldn’t figure it out…… how to sit still in class and focus, let alone do homework…. it took me a long time to realize that that was probably the biggest regret of my teenage years. I joined the military to get my G.E.D. as well as get away from the toxic environment my youth had led me to, but it ended up being the smartest decision I had made in my life. I would encourage those who struggle with high school to stay grounded and push through it, life takes flight in all sorts of unpredicted directions once you lose structure. I ended up with my life in complete disarray.”